djfuze-bioDj Fuze broke out onto the scene in 2000. Inspired by The Power 106 Mixers, Fuze knew what he wanted for his 15th birthday; a pair of turntables. Each day, after he got home from high school, Fuze would spend countless hours putting in practice in his bedroom, which then turned into performing the typical house party. It did not take him long to realize that his goal would be to one day mix on air at Power 106 in Los Angeles.

In 2006, Power 106 announced a deejay contest called Power Mixer Idol. Without thinking much of it, he put together a ten minute demo and submitted it to the contest. Fuze was fortunate to be selected as one of the six finalists. After many rounds on live radio, Fuze was victorious. This golden on-air opportunity, plus the countless submissions of demos, brought Dj Fuze closer to his dream. His persistence paid off when he was given a chance to mix on air during the Friday-Saturday shift on a limited-trial run. A determined Fuze worked vigorously throughout his trial run and along the way produced several “Jump Off” mixes for the station. After a year of hard work and dedication, Dj Fuze was officially named a Power 106 Mixer.

Over the years, Dj Fuze has advanced his career by deejaying at popular nightlife cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas. Fuze has been a featured deejay in various media outlets including Hip Hop weekly (July 2011) and the Orange County Register (August 2013). Fuze has been selected personally by Grammy and Billboard Award winning recording artist, Rihanna, to perform at multiple private events. Fuze has also had the opportunity to perform a private event for NBA superstar, Derek Fisher, as well as perform for Major League Soccer’s LA Galaxy. In addition, in May of 2016, Fuze took home a platinum plaque from recording artist, Flo-Rida, after being named runner up in his “Hello Friday Megamix Contest”.

Aside from mixing on Power 106 every weekend, Fuze has spent a lot of time in the studio creating an extensive catalog of mixtapes ranging from rock, R&B, and, most importantly, hip- hop. Fuze looks forward to one day touring the world while doing what he loves; performing and electrifying the entire world, one audience at a time!


  1. July 3, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    Congrats on your much deserved success! May the road ahead of you be filled with many more blessings.

    • July 6, 2012 at 5:40 pm

      Thank you so much, Marylu!